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GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION OF TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ON SUBSTITUTE FORM W-9 SECTION REFERENCES ARE TO THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE Guidelines for Determining the Proper Identi cation Number to Give the Payor. Mortgage interest paid to you. Exempt payees described above should le substitute Form W-9 to avoid possible erroneous backup withholding. FILE THIS FORM WITH THE PAYOR FURNISH YOUR TAXPAYER FACE OF THE FORM SIGN AND DATE THE FORM AND RETURN IT TO THE PAYOR. IF YOU ARE A...
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Hey there the next few minutes I want to show you how to fill out an IRS form called the w9 kind of strange sounding form, but really this is a form that gets used for all kinds of different purposes, and it's probably going to come up at some point in the life of your real estate investing business sometimes you're going to have to fill this out on behalf of yourself, and sometimes you're going to have to request that somebody else fill out this form for you and really the whole purpose of this form is pretty simple it's just so that one party can get the information they need from the other party in order to file a specific form with IRS so for example one of our property is being bought or sold and the closer needs to file a form called a 1099 s in order to get that information they could get it from this form if it's filled out and signed and dated by the appropriate party or for example if you as the seller on a seller finance deal you need to send out what's called a 1098 form to the borrower you could also get that information from this as well and those are just two examples there's a slew of other reasons why this form could be helpful, but really I just want to show you how to fill this form out whether you're filling it out on behalf of yourself or whether you're filling it out on behalf of somebody else and you're trying to get their signature you would really just have to put all the information that you know right here in this form and right now I'm showing you the online version from the IRS website and keep in mind this form actually it changes and gets updated every so often you'll see right here at the top where it says revised December 2014 at some point in the future I guarantee this is going to be revised again so whenever you're filling this out just make sure you're working with the current copy because there are these little minor changes that happen every so often and really all you have to do is just enter in all the information you have about the person from whom this form is being requested so for example if this form was being requested from me, I would just go ahead and put my information in here like this and depending on whether you're filling this out on behalf of yourself or on behalf of a business entity that's when you would fill in this second line here so for example if I was filling this out on behalf of my business entity I would just put my company name in here and then when you look at this second line right here in my case I have what's called a single-member LLC which in this form the IRS essentially treats the same as a sole proprietorship if you're just operating on behalf of yourself, so I would check this box right here and then once that's done I would go over here none of this stuff applies to me somebody's leave that blank and I would put in my business address here and if I'm filling this out on behalf of somebody else and I would either leave this part blank or this section would already be...
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